journal #1

here i am! an unfortunate refugee of readwave’s washing up on the shores of capitalist darwinism, but at least i have managed to find myself a nice cozy new space to put my poems. and now i have the hang of messing around with all the theme settings — i wish there were more color choices!

please tell me what you think i should do to improve my writing, i am sure that no matter who you are you have something of merit to tell me from a perspective i have not yet considered. i am here procrastinating turning in a hamlet essay to my english teacher, so i have all night and all day to work on other things as long as there is schoolwork to be done, and i have all the time in between doing other things to think about my city and my desert, so please bear with me if my poems seem to restate my love for las vegas over and over! i try to have some variety. alas, i am a teenager, and an aries, which i guess means i can really only love one thing at a time.

as of now i have nobody reading these, but i have posts queued up all the way to april, so maybe with regular posts i can expect some company soon.


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