geologic history of las vegas, and i lost carpool privileges

man, who knew thirty

minutes made such a

difference to mother.

either way i think i’ll

end up with blubber-

ry again, one way

or another i’ll

wriggle through the bram-

bles, abide by all the

rules or not. sushi

was worth it, i think.

anything to spend

just a few more min-

utes with you

either way i’ll end

up looking up.

tonight i ran, from

what who knows. i don’t

think rewinding time

was my best ide-

a. i recall, swipe

my hand from right to left,

rewind. i look up

to hundreds of thou-

sands of PSI––

the sun refracted

through brine, saline wa-

ter preserving the

suburbs i once knew.

las vegas was un-

derwater, too.


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