journal #2

success! i have a couple of new followers here — welcome! i’m glad you’re here!

from here on out i want to be posting 2 things a week instead of just one, maybe one work and one journal or something. or maybe journals will be monthly? fortunately, right now, i can figure it out, because there are only a few of you so far!

thoughts this week: i have now discovered how frustrating it is for me to be in an AP english class that is mainly lecture-based instead of peer discussion-based, especially now that we have moved on from our hamlet and shakespeare unit on to philosophy and existentialism, which are literally all about inquiry and discussion, learning to defend your answers to the big questions, etc. methinks what irks me the most is that our teacher is using this unit mainly to teach us about the famous answers to our philosophical dilemmas and not really our own. though one could argue that everything that i would want to be doing in class is just as easily executed outside of class, i am not used to an AP course falling short of anything, especially when it comes to literature.

à plus!


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