xxvi (unfulfilled?)

feeling lost? unfulfilled? ever think that your life has come to a standstill and realize that you are powerless to start it again? feeling unarmed and unprepared? unfulfilled? do you think about straight lines and about how a true straight line would take you right off this planet, make your life a tangent to society but in a different way this time? dissatisfied? wake up some nights and feel like you shouldn’t be able to breathe? wake up some nights and feel like you can’t breathe? unfulfilled? have you ever considered the possibility that you are just irrelevant here? do your friends conjure you as background noise? do you exist at all? ever stop to think that the only way you can exist is for someone else to observe you existing? do you long for solitude just because you want to see if you would disappear if no one thinks about you? unfulfilled? do you try to dictate your story and people interrupt you? do you feel like you don’t have a story at all because you can never pick up where you left off? do you feel like a clump of space dust and events where you interact with other clumps of space dust? are you afraid of thinking of yourself that way? unnerved? unfulfilled? do you feel small? do you realize you should feel small? do you realize that despite being small there is somewhere you belong, there are things you can change, and there is a place where you are the most important thing in the universe? scared? unfulfilled? have you ever drawn out the floor plan of the place where you are the one thing that matters, a place of solitude yet you still exist, just another clump of leftover Big Bang yet also not because you’re able to think? do you ever think that you’re able to think? does it occur to you that you are only unfulfilled because you are unfulfilled? does the floor plan look perfect yet? do you want to make it better? unfulfilled? feeling unfinished? want to finish yourself? unsure? unfinished? unfulfilled?


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